Current Websites Perform Better Than Stale Ones

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So you’ve gotten your website built, you’ve placed great content on it, and you’ve marketed it in many different ways. While it feels like you might be finished, the truth is you should never stop placing new content and keeping things fresh. Current websites will always perform better than stale ones, which means keeping your website updated can help lend credibility, make sales, and build success.

First Impressions

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Your website is the first impression visitors will receive about your company, your products or services. If the information found there is outdated, or no longer correct, the first impression isn’t going to be very good. This leaves a lot of room for potential customers to move over to your competitor’s websites. If those websites are current and informational, chances are, the competition will get the customer.

Fresh Content Means Higher Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings are given to websites after the search engine bots crawl the site, searching for contents and keywords. When fresh content is added, the bots need to come back and crawl the site again. The more the bots have to do this, the higher your website will rank in the search engines because the search engine sees the site as a current, valuable and informational tool for those utilizing the search engines. By updating content regularly, removing old content and keeping the website current, you can increase your search engine rankings and therefore, your visitors.

Keep Customers Coming Back

The more time a customer spends on your website, the more likely they are to purchase your services or products. When there is no fresh content, there is no reason for customers to return to the website because they’ve seen it all before. However, adding fresh content, valuable tips, important news and new product information will keep customers returning to the website. This is especially true if you tweet that new information and include a link, or create Facebook posts with links to the new content.

References and Important Information

Another great reason to keep your website current is so customers and potential customers can gain important information and use the site as a reference. For instance, if you have a website for your brick and mortar store, customers may want to know your weekend hours, store phone number, or other information. Your website may be the first place they look. If you’ve changed your hours, but not the information on your website, it could lead to a frustrating situation for those customers.

It’s important to keep your website current if you want to stay ahead of the competition and continue to gain new customers. A stale website simply won’t engage customers in the same way, and could end up frustrating them to the point where they choose a competitor over you.


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