Interactive Marketing Campaign

The Illinois Lottery was established in 1974 and paid out over $1 billion in prizes in 2011.  In 2012, the privately managed lottery decided to hire an new advertising agency. Critical Mass and Downtown Partners Chicago were chosen to handle the $20 – $30MM campaign.

Interactive Marketing Illinois LotteryThe first campaign from the new agencies is named “Anything’s Possible” and is considered by lottery representatives as a new brand launch in itself.  The idea for the campaign is to get away from emphasizing winners and odds, and instead create optimism amongst players as research has shown that optimistic people are open to playing the lottery. The new campaign coincides with the launch of Illinois’ online lottery ticket sales.

In an effort to increase awareness and drive traffic to their website, the Illinois lottery launched a tie in to their “Anything’s Possible” campaign that included an online interactive sweepstakes.  The sweepstake was comprised of weekly contests as well as a grand prize of $25,000.  To enter the contest, a participant would record a brief video from either their home computer or an Illinois lottery kiosk detailing what they would do with the $25,000 and validating that anything’s possible.  Once submitted, contestants could then vote for their video and more importantly share their video with friends and family, via Facebook, twitter and email. The video with the most votes would win the weekly competition and the weekly winners moved on to compete for the grand prize.

Key Functionality:

  • Ability for users to record video
  • Ability for visitors to view previously recorded videos
  • Allow visitors to vote, while limiting the votes to 1 per day.
  • Social sharing functionality.  Videos were posted to Facebook page, while also sharing a link on the contestants Facebook page and twitter stream
  • A mobile optimized version of the site allowing playback of the videos, but not recording functionality.

Certatim created not only the website to power the sweepstakes but also the video streaming infrastructure to ensure timely playback of user videos.

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