Chest PT – iPhone and Android Application

Chest PT was an application for a great cause and was completed pro bono. Our client’s son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Tired of the lackluster options currently available in the app store, our client decided to build an application that specifically met the needs of Cystic Fibrosis parents and children alike.

The client designed the application from the ground up and even created graphics and animations that he wanted to use in the application. One of the most important aspects of the application was the ease of use and the ability to start and stop the timer with one hand, while also having reminder functionality.  The client has a design background, however, is not a functional programmer.

Key Functionality:

  • iPhone application
  • Android application
  • Easily create a standard timed program
  • Control every aspect of the timer, including the break in between “patting” sessions.
  • Integrated reminder to keep on schedule throughout the day.
  • The ability to donate from within the application

With the client provided design, Certatim was able to quickly create the application experience the client dreamed of. Certatim built the iPhone application in native objective C and built the Android application in native java. Certatim was also able to guide the client through the process of submitting the application to the Apple App Store as well as the Google Android application store.


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