Why You Should Be Incorporating Video into Your Online Marketing Efforts

Website Marketing with Video Miami BeachIf you haven’t already used video as part of your online marketing efforts, there has never been a better time. Individuals are more video-crazy than ever, and are becoming accustomed to the richer experience of watching videos. Studies show conversions increase when individuals have videos on their sales pages, and these days video is everywhere – from the gas pump to your smart phone.

Visual-Oriented Individuals

While reading is a great way for many people to learn, many others are visual-oriented. This means that they can retain and understand information better when it’s provided in a visual format, such as a video of someone explaining something to them or showing them something. Marketing campaigns featuring videos are more likely to attract these visual-oriented individuals.

It Allows a More Personal Feel

When you create videos for your website, blog, sales letters or other pages, it allows readers to get a more personal view of who you are and what you stand for. When individuals are able to see you as a person instead of a huge block of text on the page, they will be more likely to trust you. More trust equals more profits, so you’re going to convert more visitors to customers than if you didn’t have video.


If you’re selling a specific product, a video will allow you to demonstrate how the product works. A video is much more flattering than a flat picture of your product, and a video allows potential customers to see with their own eyes how the product works. Individuals are much more likely to purchase items when they can see the video of how the item works.

Viral Possibilities

When you utilize videos in your marketing, you can also utilize video sharing websites like YouTube. This means you’re able to reach a larger audience and you have the possibility of your video going viral. Viral means individuals share it with their friends who in turn share it with their friends and so on. Many videos have gone up hundreds of thousands of page views overnight because they went viral instantly. This is a great goal to have, because the more people who see your video, the more profits you’re going to pull in.

It’s Easy and Cheap

Video is easy and cheap to create, so although it’s a powerful marketing tool, you’re not throwing out a lot of money to take advantage of it. It doesn’t take much additional time to create, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding videos to your marketing efforts online.

Overall, it’s a very wise decision to utilize videos in your marketing campaigns and efforts. You’re almost guaranteed to have an increase in interest and sales, leading to an increase in profits for your business.

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