What is a Page Rank and Why Should I Care?

Google Page RankIf you’re a website owner, chances are you’ve heard of Google Page Rank. In fact, if you search for the term “Google Page Rank,” you’ll receive about 153 million results. Even with all the talk about Google Page Rank, it can be difficult to understand what it is and why you should care about it. However, by understanding the point of this tool, you can learn to reap the benefits.

What is Google Page Rank?

To put it simply, Google Page Rank is a system utilized by the search engine Google to determine which websites and pages are more important than others. The “authority sites,” or most important websites, are given a higher page rank than the ones that are less important. When a website receives a higher page rank by Google, it also receives higher rankings in the search engine results listings, which results in more visitors to the website.

Google Crawls Your Site More Often

When you have a higher page rank, or PR, Google will crawl your site more often. This basically means that bots will search your website to find any new information or content. This is extremely important because when you add new content and Google crawls your site, you will receive higher search engine rankings and more visitors.


If you place ads on your site for money, a high PR is extremely important. The higher your page rank is, the more money advertisers will be willing to pay in order to place a link on your website. Since you’re in the business of making money, you’re going to want your page rank to be as high as possible. For instance, a small shop that sells jewelry might charge $10 a month for an individual to place an ad. Back when MySpace was extremely popular, advertisers might have paid about $5,000 per week for a small ad placed on the website.

More Links to the Site

When your site has a high page rank, it will be considered by others as an authority site. This means that they’ll want to link to your content or information on their websites. This sets off a chain of events that is positive for you; more people click the links and visit, more people learn about your site, more people link to your website, Google crawls your site more often and your PR goes up. Whether you want individuals to visit your site to see your advertisers or you’re selling your own products, visitors to your site is always a good thing.

While at first, Google Page Rank may not seem to be that important, it truly is if you plan to make money with your website. To get started building a great PR, use unique content that is updated regularly, high-quality information or products, clever advertising, and be sure to link your website to the most popular social media websites. When your PR is high, you’re going to enjoy a lot of benefits and a lot of success for your website.

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