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UPDATE:  We are pleased to announce that Crow Tracker has been acquired by Right Good Deal out of the UK.  We are both excited and sad to see our baby go but know that its in good hands and the new team will continue to grow crow tracker into the future.  

Its about the time of the year when we review and think about the projects we  worked on and projects that we continue working on. We are truly thankful to be a part of so many exciting businesses and brand campaigns and to have been instrumental parts of these projects. From an in-home massage and wellness service platform for a company servicing Manhattan and the Hamptons to a Valet Parking Software to manage a staff of 300. From apps for an unmentioned large city public transit system to theme park experiential marketing campaigns. There are so many exciting projects that we often do not have the time to build our own products.

As the year approaches the end of fourth quarter we are excited to share our newest software solution that is owned and operated by Certatim. Crow Tracker. Crow Tracker is a cell phone gps tracking software. We have a number of clients over the years ask for an easy way for them to track their employees or staff operating in the field. We have incorporated this functionality and capability in a number of custom apps and software solutions for businesses over the years. From these requests we surmised that there was demand for the product.

There are a number of these companies and products in the market however they operate at two spectrums. Either they are entry level teenager or wife finders or they are overly complicated and costly fleet management solutions. These larger products often require hardware installations and are complicated to use. Crow Tracker was designed as a simple and easy to use product at an affordable price. In your free time please take a look at what we built in our down time between our client based projects.

Some of you may be asking who is this useful for and why would I want to do this. Here’s a sampling of companies that see the benefits of this. Gardeners, Contractors, Limo Service, Delivery companies, Contractors, Sales Managers, Pool Service, Plumbers, courier service and many many more. What are some of the benefits of the software you may ask. Keep track of your employees to increase accountability. Route the appropriate crew to another job saving time and fuel costs. Assist with directions and alternate routes. Cut down on unnecessary stops.

We hope you will take a look at our latest baby and send us feedback positive or negative. We appreciate it. Do you have a custom project you would like us to work on? contact us here to discuss it. Interested in our recent project or have employees you would like to track with our new cell phone gps trackingsoftware. Come check out Crow Tracker.

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