Is Google+ Going to be around for the long haul?

Will Google Plus Last?When you say the words “social networking,” most people immediately think of Facebook or Twitter. However, there’s certainly a place for Google+. Will this network be around for a while? Is it worth investing the time to build a profile and platform? According to many, the answer is yes.

The Benefits of Google+

There is a wide variety of benefits to Google+ and some of those aren’t available with Facebook. One of the most important benefits is the ability to separate contacts into circles, like friends, family and acquaintances. Google Hangouts is also an important benefit, as a group of individuals can get together and video chat and more. This is beneficial for business, recreation and more. You can even view Youtube videos while in the middle of chatting with friends.

How Google Sparks Provides a Customized Feel

Google Sparks is a wonderful part of Google+. This feature takes information about your likes and interests, and then allows you to receive information based on those interests. This might include sports, recent book releases and more. This provides a customized feel that is unlike Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to receive the news and information you’re most interested in and doesn’t force you to pay attention to the rest. 

The Benefit of Competition

While Google+ may not be popular enough to unseat Facebook as the King of social networking websites, there is benefit to competition. As Google+ convinces individuals that it’s worth the time to create another social networking account, Facebook is going to start thinking of how they can be better. This means that both networks will be competing against each other and the features and benefits will be better for the users of both. They’re both going to try to make the most user-friendly experience possible, so you win either way.

How Marketers are Embracing Google+

If you’ve read any online articles or blog posts, you’re likely to see the little +1 button, which allows you to vote up the article or blog. When you click this button, you share the information with your followers and circles. Marketers embrace Google+ because they have another avenue for individuals to like and share their blog posts and articles. With Google being the search engine authority, articles and blog posts that are shared on Google+ will be considered more “authoritative” than others.

So What’s the Verdict?

When you look at the numerous benefits of Google+ as well as the fact that it’s put forth by the king of search engines, it’s easy to see that it will likely be around for a while. That’s not to say there won’t be many changes along the way, but most of those changes will be to benefit users so in the end, it will all be worth it.

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