Why Certatim

whyCertatim (SER-ta-tim) means “competition in earnest” in Latin. We named ourselves after this business concept because our service makes our clients more competitive. We work with creative agencies, web designers, brand managers, CIO’s and entrepreneurs to produce simple and effective websites, mobile apps and software.

Whenever you work with Certatim, you benefit from our three guarantees.


#1 We never outsource – We guarantee to use our team here in Miami Beach so you can be sure that your concepts are not being discussed with third parties.

#2 We deliver on time – Our project managers are professionals who structure the delivery of your project around a well-thought out schedule. That means we set project deadlines and stick to them.

#3 We deliver on budget – Many of our clients are creative agencies, web designers and entrepreneurs.  They work with us as part of larger projects with strict budget and funding constraints. We understand how important it is to keep our work on budget. You can expect us to quote you honest pricing every time with no hidden costs.

Let us know about your project today. We want to work with you!